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R.I.P. Bunny Cat!


We got sad news yesterday April 25th, 2014 (which is also Peach’s birthday) – Bunny passed away  :(    Bunny was a very close friend to Peach.  They may have lived miles apart but they were true BFF’s.   My niece and nephew took Bunnys passing pretty rough.  Bunny had struggled for some time. He was just getting older and it was his time.  We will never forget you Bunny Cat!


Poor Bunny :(


Today I saw Bunny. He is about 15 years old.  He was alot more lively than in past visits.

But he was really skinny. Alot of people were around today. Bunny made his rounds but ultimately found his way back to his bed. He was all curled up and fell asleep pretty quick. 

I came home and told Peach how Bunny was doing. She seemed upset: