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Here’s Looking At You, Kid!


First time for everything.


To my surprise I caught Peach sitting in my wife’s spot on the couch.  Peach and her dont see eye to eye sometimes. Peach never sits in her spot. Maybe Peach has turned over a new leaf!

Checking in from Home

What does Peach do while I am work? This is what she does:


She knows when i check in on her. ;)

Lazy Saturday Morning


Peach was not feeling well last night. She slept more than normal. She didnt even want treats before bed.

This morning she seems to be in better spirits. She was just chillaxin waiting for her Dad to get up.

Time for her treats!

Missing Bunny


Today is my neice Erin’s birthday party. Peach isnt going. In fact she has never met Erin’s cat named Bunny. But here is a picture I photoshopped of Peach and Bunny that brought them together. Ha.